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Armored Warfare will be approaching its development cycle in a new way with their upcoming ‘Seasons’ update. These story-driven content expansions will span multiple months and replace the current Update-based structures. Seasons consists of chapters and are connected through a special version of the co-operative game mode, drawing to a narrative conclusion. The co-operative PvE maps for this game mode have been designed after real-world locations and conflicts to give more complexity and depth for even more engaging tank battles. A season and its chapters will bring new vehicles, new PvP maps as well as thematic decals, rewards, avatars.

The overall story follows Magnus, the former mercenary of a military corporation, betrayed and seeking revenge across seasons in a conflict between mercenary companies in the nearby future. The first season, “Black Sea Incursion” comes this spring for PC, and later for Playstation 4, but will be opened with special operation missions which will give player san introduction to the story of Magnus in May.

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