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Scarlet Blade – First Look

Scarlet Blade – First Look

Step into a futuristic world on the brink of destruction. Form a bond with your Arkana, beautiful superhuman clones specialized in mass destruction, as you take the fight to regain the surface world for mankind. Unlock powerful exosuits and mechs to augment your Arkana’s power and take the fight to others in epic 50+ player faction battles. And party hard in the neutral nightclub while you show off your character’s assets like you never have before!

In this First Look JamesBl0nde gets a glimpse of the back end of the early access closed beta, trying out the Shadow Walker class and later on the Punisher class.

Scarlet Blade is a Mature MMORPG currently in Closed Beta, published by Aeria Games.

Get access to the Closed Beta here

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