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Ring of Elysium is Tencent’s Next Generation Battle Royale

Ring of Elysium (formerly Europa) is coming to Steam next week from Tencent Games as a new Battle Royale. This next-gen Battle Royale boasts in-game avalanches and a dynamic weather system, thanks to their QuickSilver X engine. Players will be thrown into a mountainous region under assault by an ice age level snowstorm. Thanks to a dynamic weather system, the predefined regions of the map will change and be affected by the weather forcing players to adopt new survival and combat strategies. Another layer of challenge are the avalanches, which will destroy certain parts of the map, all players and buildings within range being devastated by the falling snow.

Ring of Elysium also changes up the objective of matches from previous games in the genre. Instead of just killing other players to be the last one standing, Tencent wants to provide an objective that allows unique gameplay moments. The goal is to reach a helicopter that has four open seats, and will allow four winners, and opens new tactical possibilities and playstyles. Simply camping somewhere will not be enough to win. Players can travel across the map in a variety of ways with Tencent throwing extreme sports into the mix on the mountainside. Hang-gliding, snowboarding, mountaineering, cars, boats, and more are possible modes of transit in the game.

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