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Ring of Elysium Introduces Adventurer Pass Season 1

Tencent Games have announced the first eight-week seasonal event in Ring of Elysium, the Season 1 Adventurer Pass. Starting today, players can earn exclusive in-game items by playing the game and leveling up specific season tiers. As season tiers are increased, different rewards will be unlocked, such as 3 new icons (playable characters), portraits, glider/snowboard/climbing gear skins, background music in the lobby, and more. There is a free pass that allows players to increase their season tiers and obtain rewards, but the full Adventurer Pass costs 950 E-Points to gain access to the full range of rewards.

Just signing up for the Adventurer Pass will grant players rewards including the Icon characters- Gavin X, Haas, and Lynn. They also gain access to exclusive Adventurer weekly challenges, a continuous XP bonus, and more. In addition, players who purchase the season pass later won’t miss out, as they will earn the premium rewards based on the season tier they already achieved.  Each character level will reward one Adventurer Badge. By completing daily and weekly challenges, players earn more Adventurer Badges accordingly, and 10 badges will increase the season tier by one. It is also important to note that none of these rewards affect game balance and are entirely cosmetic.

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