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Relic Hunters Legend – Kickstarter Gameplay Trailer

The Kickstarter for Brazilian indie game dev studio, Rogue Snail has officially launched for their latest project, Relic Hunters Legend! Relic Hunters Zero is 100% free-to-play and open-sourced on Steam that boasted an engaged community of over 1.2 million players. To celebrate t his, they released a fully-animated, extended trailer to kick off the launch of their Kickstarter! This next-gen top-down shooter will offer multiple characters, skills, advanced AI and full verticality in the 3D environments. The procedurally-generated environments will also hide hidden treasures and constant challenge. With RPG elements such as a Combo System for their Skills, and a Friendship System to unlock personal story missions, it promises to be an exciting title. Interested in supporting the Kickstarter? Click the link below!

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