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Pre-Registration Now Open for Management RPG, Returners

Pre-Registration is now open for Nexon’s folklore-inspired Returners, where players will battle iconic characters such as Aladdin, Hercules, Cleopatra, Robin Hood and more, in management-RPG combat. Players will engage in exciting 5v5 combat, with characters from the myths of old to famous composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and combines several genres in one place. Team Management is key to supplement to create the most optimal 5-hero squad, and use tactic cards and gear to advance in PVE and PVP alike. Battle through the introductory PvE mode for the honor of entering the PvP arena, where players compete in the grueling league and tournament modes. Check daily rankings to see where players stack-up around the world, and challenge powerful opponents to claim a stake among the competitive elite! Players receive league rewards anytime they log-in following a competitive match.

From Thursday, April 19 until Grand Launch (May), in Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, players that pre-register for the game receive 1,000 Bluestones (in-game currency) and 5 Random Gear Box drops.

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