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World of Tanks launches patch 6.4

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Patch 6.4 has arrived for World of Tanks, bringing new content in combination with plenty of fixes and tweaks in gameplay.

New in the patch are the premium heavy Lowe, the KV-5, KV-13, PZ38NA, Object 261, GW-E serie, and T-92 vehicles. Two new maps, Mountain Pass and Steppes, are also available for play. The patch also has improved vehicle movement to decrease chances of getting stuck, cut back on rendering problems, changed damage mechanics for tracks, and added an automated ban system for teamkillers.

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World of Tanks Patch 6.4 Rolls Out

London, UK and San Francisco, Ca. (17th May, 2011) — is glad to announce the patch 6.4 for their highly popular World of Tanks action MMO rolls out today. The patch will feature several new tanks, including the fearsome German Löwe tank and top-notch artillery units for Germany, USA, and USSR, as well as two new maps — Prairies and Mountain Pass that will feature totally different battleground environments and add to the gameplay diversity.

Together with the new game content, the patch will also bring enhanced physics and server modifications crucial for managing the growing community of the game.“This is a very important moment for us in terms of game optimization,” said World of Tanks project manager Alex Shilyaev. “Not only will the new physics bring the game nearer to reality, but will also become the first step towards a full-scale upgrade that will allow for much more freedom for our players on the battlefields in terms of tactics”.

Along with the patch, announces the release date for the long anticipated high-level content mode. The Ultimate Conquest clan war mode will be launched on May 19, 2011 allowing thousands of players to clash in a global tank war for control over multiple territories.

“The time has finally come for the Global Conquest,” commented CEO Victor Kisly. “Right now we have more than 1500 registered clans in Europe and North America, and I can’t wait to see all that crowd to jump into the global map. It’s gonna be exciting!”

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