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Power Fishing from Purple Ocean Goes Live on Android

Purple Ocean, a developer of fishing games has launched their standalone mobile game Power Fishing for the worldwide Android audience. Purple Ocean is also behind the successful mobile fishing game Fishing Hook, so players familiar with that may want to also check out Power Fishing. Power Fishing is a mobile fishing game that boasts a sense of realism through authentic 3D graphics of gameplay and fish models. The game is played through an easy and intuitive control system with a single button. With an UI that is easy for the eye, users can dive into an immersive fishing experience on their mobile devices.

There are also Season Missions and Event Missions to challenge. There are missions that come in the Daily, Weekly, or even Monthly timing, and by completing each of them, users can acquire unique prizes to help them with the more complex gameplay. Power Fishing is also working on localization for nine more languages: Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German and Hindi. With these complete, more users around the world will get to experience this fishing MMO title.


REALISTIC & THRILLING FISHING EXPERIENCE: Running on the Unity 3D Engine, Power Fishing features an excellently designed UI that is easy for newcomers and skilled anglers to feel adapted to. Although the controls are easy and intuitive, users will have to make sure to practice their skills in knowing when to hold or release their reel. As fish on higher levels can outsmart users, the smart AI system will altogether deliver a thrilling action-packed, yet an authentic fishing experience to users.

FISHING TOUR MODE: VISIT EXOTIC FISHING SPOTS AND RULE THEM ALL: Jump into the exciting fishing world of Power Fishing where you can catch and collect fish in exotic locations that becomes enabled with higher levels and boss fights.

BOSS FISHING MODE: CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO BECOME THE MASTER ANGLER: Talking about boss fights, users can challenge special BOSS FISHES that are extremely difficult to catch. However, with the right amount of skillsets and determination, users will able to achieve rare bonus rewards that cannot be achieved during normal gameplay.

FISHERY RAID MODE: MANAGE YOUR FISHERY & DEFEND IT AGAINST ENEMY RAIDERS: By catching fish from single player modes, users can collect them in their fishery. By growing the captured fish, users can allocate stronger fish as a defensive force of their fishery. Users can also raid others’ fisheries to gain special loot and raise their reputation points for extra rewards. Also, by decorating the fishery, users can gain special gameplay stat bonus effects.

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