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Pokemon Masters: Mewtwo and Giovanni Trailer

Pokemon Masters offers a special event, “Lurking Shadow,” in which players can battle against and recruit Giovanni and Mewtwo. The event will be available until December 18.

Additional updates have been added, per press release:

  • Grimsley & Liepard Come to Pasio: The Dark-type sync pair of Grimsley & Liepard will be making their debut in the sync pair Spotlight Scout from now until December 18 at 9:59PM Pacific. Along with other sync pairs that have Dark-type moves like Cheren & Stoutland and Nanu & Persian, Grimsley & Liepard’s moveset may prove useful against some of the Psychic-type opponents in the “Lurking Shadow” event.
  • Level Cap Increased to 120: Players are now able to train their 5★ sync pairs to Level 120 from a previous limit of 100. To help players strengthen their sync pairs faster, courses within the Training Area will now have a new difficulty level, “Ultra Hard”, which will allow players to earn Ultra Buff Blends and Ultra Tech Tonics.
  • Login Bonuses and Special Missions: Players who log in each day during the “Lurking Shadow” event will be able to obtain up to 4,200 gems. Special missions that allow players to earn up to 1,500 gems will also be available.
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