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Perfect World Mobile Reveals Playable Characters

Perfect World Games revealed the races and characters that will be available in the upcoming mobile release of Perfect World. With this mobile iteration of the PC MMORPG, Humans, Winged Elves and Untamed will be playable. With the three races, there are also five classes to choose, so there are options for melee characters, spellcasters, and healers. Humans are based at Etherblade and can play either a Blademaster or a Wizard. A Blademaster’s skills will change based on the weapon they wield, and Wizards can cast a variety of powerful spells to lay waste to their enemies.

Winged Elves call Plume their home and can choose Archer and Cleric. Archers are masters of the bow, and Clerics are able to support and heal their team. The Untamed have both a human and tiger form and hail from the City of the Lost. The Untamed can play as Barbarians, and in their tiger form are resistant to enemy damage. The human form increases its offensive capabilities instead.

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