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Scarlet Blade Releases Open Beta

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Scarlet Blade has already proven to be a big hit for Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games. The premier mature massively multiplayer online role-playing game has now begun open beta, following a resoundingly successful closed beta period in which players flocked to the game in droves.

“This is a great milestone for Aeria,” said Lan Hoang, founder and CEO of Aeria Games. “Scarlet Blade’s success is a perfect example of how far the company has come since we began in 2006. The combination of the game’s unique visual style and cutting-edge PvP features has already created a massive fan base, and this is now poised to be our most popular title for the foreseeable future.”

Tens of thousands of players participated in the closed beta, collectively logging over 1,000,000 hours in the game and creating over 300,000 characters during the two-week period. Many more players are anticipated to join the battle to reclaim the Earth in open beta, which will not be subject to a database wipe when the game transitions to an official launch.

Fan-favorite features in Scarlet Blade’s closed beta included the instanced PvP battlegrounds of Janus and Turnpike, along with the open-world PvP zone, Caergate. Hundreds of players from both factions competed at all hours of the day to kill the coveted world boss in Caergate known as Titan, the ultimate PvP challenge in the game which drops highly exclusive sought-after loot.

The Delilah Club, Scarlet Blade’s very own nightclub, also proved to be an extremely popular destination among closed beta participants, offering players a unique social hub where both factions can relax and get a respite from the intense PvP action.

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