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Paladins Is Now Free to Play on the Switch

After a successful closed beta period, the hero shooter Paladins is now free to play on the Nintendo Switch! Released into Early Access on June 12th, players were gaining access by purchasing a Founder’s Pack for the game. It delivers the full Paladins experience on the Switch in 60 FPS and also offers crossplay with the Xbox One audience. Alongside the free-to-play transition, the latest champion, Koga, is now available for use on the Switch. Koga was betrayed and cast out by his master Zhin and wields dual SMGs as well as powerful claws. The ninja theme continues through the second Paladins Battle Pass The Battle Pass includes an instant unlock dragon mount, awesome ninja-themed skins for Makoa, Cassie, and Mal’Damba, and 75 levels of other rewards. Battle Pass #2 features more rewards, takes 25% less time to complete and lasts for a month longer than Paladins’ first Battle Pass.

“We are thrilled that so many members of the Nintendo Switch community have already entered the Realm and fallen in love with Paladins,” said Chris Larson, Executive Producer on Paladins.
“It’s incredibly exciting to open the gates and welcome all Nintendo Switch players to Paladins.”

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