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Paladins Champion Teaser: Jenos The Ascended

Paladins reveals Jenos, The Ascended – a damage-dealing support arriving on July 26.

  • [LMB] Star Splitter
    • An otherworldly weapon that channels the power of the stars. Deals 120 damage every 0.13s at medium range.
  • [RMB] Astral Mark
    • Apply a celestial blessing through all obstacles, healing for 250 Health every second for 10 seconds.
  • [Q] Void Grip
    • Channel gravitational energy and lift an enemy up, dealing 150 damage every second for 2.5s. If the victim manages to move while lifted it will interrupt Void Grip.
  • [F] Stellar Wind
    • Lower your weapon and move 75% faster while increasing your jump height and lowering your fall speed.
  • [E] Through Time and Space
    • Lock yourself in place and gather the power of the cosmos for 1.5s becoming CC immune, then unleash your energy in a long range blast that pierces through all obstacles and deals 2400 damage.
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