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Chrono Tales Version 1.39 Update Coming Soon

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As reported last month, two new systems: Rune Words and Bounty Hunter will be added into Chrono Tales 1.39 Version on May 22nd; also there will be adjustment of other systems and features.

Rune Words

After thousands of trials and failures, Forge Master Albert has finally acquired a long-lost forging skill – Rune Words. He can enchant the potential effects of the indecipherable words on runes and use special knives to carve sockets for these enchanted runes; When the runes are socketed as the formula requires, your equipment will acquire the epic power- the ancient Rune Words.

How? You need to find Forge Master Albert at Chroland Capital, and then talk with him and select ‘Rune Words’. After you decide which kind of Rune Words you want, click ‘Enchant Runes’ to start it. If your equipment doesn’t have the correct number of sockets, you need to reset the socket to meet the requirement in advanced too. Put the combinations of Runes in the correct order into the equipment with exactly that number of sockets and of the correct type. After embedded the runes correctly, your equipment will acquire extra powers that the Rune Words produced.

Bounty Hunter

PVE – Giant Thieves
At 00:00 of every day, 6 Wanted Thieves will be listed in the Wanted Panel. Based on the rarity, thieves are classified into 5 levels. The levels of thieves vary according to the levels of players. You need Arrest Warrants to arrest the thief. After the thief is arrested, he/she will drop rich loot to you. Blue and above thieves will drop appropriate medals. The higher the level of a player is, the bigger the chance to drop high level medals. Different medals can be exchanged into different treasures from Castellan and the emissaries at the center of Chroland Capital.

PVP – Bounty Notice
After reaching Level 31, you can click the button ‘Bounty Hunter’ under the mini map to open the wanted panel. You can post a Bounty Notice by clicking ‘Post Bounty Notices’ and then enter the wanted name and the reward. The notice will be displayed in the panel and last for 24 hours. It can be revoked too. Bounty Hunters can select ‘Arrest’, and then be teleported together with the wanted player into the battle arena. By defeating the wanted player, the bounty hunter will gain Prestige value as rewards. Once defeated, the wanted player’s poster will be shown at the ‘Apprehended’ interface. At the same time, the wanted player will be sent to the Dark Cage. He or she can only get out of there after collecting sufficient ores or being bailed with Diamonds.

In addition, new World Boss, new regions and new instances, providing players with more daily quests with Coupon for free, are under development and are expected to be released in June.

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