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One Screen to rule them all! Skreens – PAX South Overview

Marc Todd, Founder, President & CEO of Skreens Entertainment contacted me at PAX South to show off a really cool piece of hardware that gives you the freedom to organize multiple video devices such as consoles, computers, and other feeds on one screen.

The opportunity here is awesome for all kinds of gamers, streamers, viewers, and even personal use!

Join the Skreens community and help them build this device the way YOU want!


For more information, please contact them at

Current Features:

All On One Screen – Combine up to 5 independent gaming consoles, PCs, TV and Internet. See Everything You Need Conveniently, in one screen or split the screen and share it with someone else!

One Field of Vision – Solve the “glance away” issue for critical information during live games. Keep an eye on blogs, PC performance readouts, and more

Programmable -Advanced applications HTML5/JavaScript API allow programmable interactive backgrounds

Plug and Play – Works with any HDMI input devices and 1080p/UltraHD 4K displays Controlled with your tablet, smart phone or through API

Stream to Command Center – Play local and watch streaming session at the same time

Streaming to and Others – Combined output to third party capture cards is supported. Stream more complex multi-system sessions to your Twitch channel

Technology and Performance – Blends video at hardware speeds using a high performance FPGA combined with processing without performance or lag issues

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