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Old School RuneScape: 10th Birthday FashionScape Extravaganza

Today, Old School RuneScape celebrates its 10th anniversary with an in-game event that will see players save the day yet again in an adventure filled with nostalgic treats. This limited time event offers cosmetic rewards and will be available to both free and member players from 22 February until 15 March.

Iconic characters will make an appearance as players compete in a ‘cake-off’ to celebrate a decade of Old School RuneScape. The event will be a whistle-stop tour across Gielinor with the player reprising their role as a Cook’s assistant and will feature cameos from the Lumbridge Goblins, the Wizard of Wizard’s Tower, and more fan-favourite characters and locations.

Completing the event will reward players with a host of goodies including a cake hat (complete with caked-on icing), a “dragon candle” weapon, some birthday balloons, two half-jugs of wine, plushes of Jad, the stray dog, and the gnome child as well as an iconic Silver Party Hat. There will also be a brand-new drop of new cosmetics including an OSRS jumper, a gnome child backpack, Bob the cat slippers, Jad slippers, and a banner cape.

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