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MU Origin Gets New Summoner Class Today

The latest update to MU Origin, 2.3, is a big one, that includes the new Summoner class players can use if they meet the requirements. As long as a player has at least one character above 3 Rebirth Lv. 1, or use the item “Scroll of Dark Souls”, they can access this character. Sub-character system has been added to the game. When the Secret quest is completed after 8 Rebirth Lv.1 to create a sub-character, each character can have one sub-character that shares the same name and many features, including Achievement, Pets, Soul Stones, and much more. You can switch between the main and Sub-Characters in safe areas. ‘Land of Struggle’ is a new guild event coming in this update as well, which is unlocked at Guild Lv. 6. In it, players can battle against a boss monster with their guild, and only the guild master can apply for the preliminary battle, and the 16 guilds with the fastest boss-times will qualify for the next day’s tournament. In addition to these new features, players can also check out a new Forge system, West Akeron map, new Blood costume, and Three Chicken Brother pets. System improvement and adjustment also have come to the game.

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