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The latest update to MU Origin has launched, and with it comes the Force System, Ritual Event, Guild League Cheer, Mount Equipment and more. The Force System lets players choose one of three Forces to fight with. The players who join the Force will be allowed to enter the Force Map where they can tackle Force quests, defeat the Force Boss, and collect Force resources. These let the player earn rewards like Force Contribution and Force Grade. This new update also includes Ritual System, which is a new event for players that have joined the Corps to receive various Corps titles and rewards by completing quests during the event period. The Ritual event will begin on Monday, October 29th.

With the 4.0 update, Mount equipment, which not only dress up mounts but also increases character’s options, has been added to the game. Mount equipment consists of 6 parts, including Horseshoe, Saddle, Spur Whip, Armor, and Reins, each offering different attack/defense options. In addition, players who achieve Enhance, Option or Tier requirements for Mount Equipment will receive special buffs such as Max HP and Extra Elemental DMG, Max HP and Deadly Hit Chance, or Max HP and Resist Deadly Hit. This update also updates the level cap to 15 Rebirth Level 100, and offers a new mount, the “Hell Hound”, as well as a new Mount Costume “Heavenly Griffin”. New tiers for the Achievement Title, Arena Division, and Guild League Cheer system also come in this update.

With the arrival of the 4.0 update, the MU Origin team will be running a special event in celebration of the new update and Halloween, which includes daily log-in event, collection event, +20 Enhance event, double event and other special promotions.

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