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‘Warzone: Clash of Generals’ Releases on Android and Facebook Gameroom

Stratosphere Games launches their strategy PVP game, Warzone: Clash of Generals on Facebook Gameroom and Android! It drops tomorrow (Nov. 9th, 2017) and offers exciting PVP action with their unique hero system! Choosing which general you wish to use, out of the seven available is important as each has their own super ability/super unit. Players can quickly turn the tide and change defeat into victory with these choices. There’s even a famous Youtuber in the game, Typical Gamer, who has his massive Super-Truck, “The Burner”.  Over sixty units, coupled with buildings and air strikes, each of the three game modes offers incredible action and excitement!

And in a cooperation with Sony Xperia we are happy to give every Sony user that downloads Warzone: Clash of Generals a special $25 starter pack. Just download via the What’s New and Sony Select app and get a guaranteed headstart of gold, gems and a Division Box. There is no better way to start your Multiplayer experience.

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  • Markymax

    Love it already