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WildStar Prepares to Unleash the Carbine Developers

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Can you feel it? The electricity in the air? It’s game time. Carbine Studios is taking the censorship off and sending their development team out to all branches of social media today including Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Reddit and probably plenty of other venues for an 11am to 5pm WildStar blow-out today. And if you thought they weren’t cocky about their title, here’s some quotes from yesterday’s preview stream:

WildStar OB Event

· “We have the best damn MMO that’s you’re going to play this year. Period. End.” – Mike Donatelli

· “If you are going to sell an MMO for the box price with a $15 subscription you got to give them the value. Month after month we will release more content for every play style.” – Mike Donatelli

· “We have an entire expansion worth of content that we plan to launch over the next 12 months,” Mike Donatelli

· “We have a whole zone that’s coming in the very first patch post-launch,” Mike Donatelli

· “Best Housing of any MMO, ever,” Matt Mocarski

· “We are the first ever MMO to do mount customizations (we have hoverboards in the game if you didn’t know),” Matt Mocarski

· “The 40 man Raid is bat s$@# insane,” Mike Donatelli

· “We definitely have the best Raids of any MMO,” Stephan Frost

Catch the full recap of yesterday’s preview stream now on Youtube and keep your eyes open, because the Devs will be listening far more today than ever before.

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