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Update 0.7 has arrived for Medieval Engineers, and it brings with it a wide variety of changes, from Blueprint Building, Updated Visuals, and new Engine Features. Now players can simply click a button, and swing their mallet a few times to add larger buildings (castles, et al) to a survival world, as well as small constructions, which will be ready for action. Ropes and connections are also now saved in blueprints. They can automatically store and display which mods are required, so you’ll always know what you’re missing when you place a blueprint.┬áIt also checks for research, shows you the resources needed to build it, and provides an easy way to check your progress. Best of all, you can now work together with your friends to build towns.

They have also remodeled/retextured almost everything about blocks in this world, and now there are no longer any hard edges. Parallax shading was also introduced to bring more depth without increasing the triangle count. In addition, they also readded some old blocks that got lost along the way (walls with double-window with a pillar, for example). There’s a healthy list of other updates, so we have a small bullet point list of them to be aware of.

Features of 0.7.1:

  • Updated Trees
  • Reworked Female Engineer
  • Updated Grid System
  • Upgraded multiplayer behavior
  • World Chunking
  • Overhaul of GUI, Audio
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