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Marble Combat Now Available on Steam Early Access for Free

Phantom 8 has brought a new game concept to Steam’s Early Access today in the form of Marble Combat. Marble Combat will be developed in an open-development style, with heavy involvement from the community. The game itself is a physics-based multiplayer game for 2-8 people. Players will compete as magical marbles, racing and fighting to capture points and acquire power-ups. Every player can use a combination of four abilities which can help their allies, harm enemies, or simply improve ball control.

The original design was to just be a ball rolling game, but new ideas created this particular design. At first, it used a 1950s-60s retro feel but wound up spanning various eras of toys to create a unique atmosphere. Originally it used a schoolyard for the arena but wound up as a kid’s playroom for the initial map. More could be added in terms of details and more inspiration came from the toys the developers had as kids. The decision to make it free to play also was so that it could get out early and adding content to the game as they went.


  • Team-based multiplayer
  • Comedy retro theme
  • Physics-based platformer
  • Single player challenges
  • Free to play
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