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MapleStory Brings a Reborn World with Black Mage: New Beginnings

Now that the Black Mage has been defeated in MapleStory, it’s time to rebuild and see what the world has in store for us next. This will be made clear in the MapleStory update, “Black Mage: New Beginnings”, which releases on January 23rd, 2019. In this update, the level cap will increase to level 275, which has not changed in more than five years. There are new enemies to fight, level 200 Genesis weapons to acquire, and incredible battles to replay. There are also Maple Alliance celebration events to join, where players can receive special titles and gift boxes. These boxes have pets, hair/face coupons, Alliance Medals, cubes, flames and so much more. Each gift box grants better rewards based on a player’s Alliance Rank and also has the chance to grant an extra item, such as legendary weapons and equipment, up to 500,000 Maple Points, or damage skins. We also have a really neat infographic that shows a wealth of information about 13 years of MapleStory.

Players can enjoy additional events including:

  • Gold Richie’s Lunar New Year Party – From January 30, players can rescue kidnapped party guests, deliver heartfelt video messages to different characters in Maple World, visit the coin shop and receive special log-in gifts to celebrate the Year of the Pig!

  • Utah’s Farm – From February 6, players can visit Utah’s Cluck, Cluck, Bean Farm and complete various tasks in fun farm mini-games

  • Choco Onslaught Event – From February 13, the Choco Onslaught event is back as chocolatey goodness threatens to take over Maple World once again

  • Dark Lords of Darkness Event – From February 13, players will have a chance to open Shadowy Sculptures, which have a chance of containing Totems

MapleStory 13 Years Infographic

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