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Wartune Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With Update 9.0

Wartune 7th Anniversary

This month marks the seventh year that Wartune has been live with Game Hollywood and R2 games! To celebrate, there will be a grand celebration, which offers rich events, a special title, and themed clothes to acquire. The official fan page will have its own events, and players can win rewards on that front as well. Update 9.0 was also announced today, which comes with a wealth of new content. 9.0 will bring the new Nemesis Skill system, as well as a new equipment type, Peerage. Peerage Equipment is synthesized with Knighthood Equipment, using new materials and inherits from the original equipment. New skills and equipment will offer characters incredible new power, giving more options to challenge dungeons as well as preparing them for PVP encounters. The 9.0 update is already available on some servers.

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