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MapleStory Big Bang Class Auditions

MapleStory Wild Hunter Audition Trailer

MapleStory Wild Battle Mage Trailer

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The second phase of the Big Bang expansion for Nexon’s MapleStory is now live. Two new classes were added, the Battle Mage and the Wild Hunter. Nexon has released two humorous videos that coincide with the release of these classes. Both videos and mock auditions where people dressed as various possible classes show up to try and woe the Nexon staff. Big Bang was first released earlier in the month and changed nearly every aspect of MapleStory. The game world has been altered, the experience¬† rate saw a steep increase, and plenty of new content has been added. New players and Maple veterans alike should use this opportunity to revisit MapleStory. To learn more about MapleStory check out the official MMOHuts MapleStory page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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