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Insidia Brings Post-Apocalyptic Chaos With its Free-to-Play Launch

The turn-based, innovative strategy game from Bad Seed, Insidia, is now live and free-to-play online. Available on Windows PC, Mac and SteamOS/Linux devices, players can now enjoy what others have experienced in the Early Access of September 2017, which is a tactical game of swift and frantic duels, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It features simultaneous turns and a solid combo system that keeps the action going, even between turns. Thanks to its competitive nature and incredibly fun to watch gameplay, INSIDIA launches with full support from FACEIT, a leading esports platform with nearly 10 million professional competitive gamers and hardcore amateur members. INSIDIA players can follow Bad Seed on FACEIT at their official organizer page, where they can register to launch tournaments or join the official game hub. This allows players of all skill levels to compete online.

“There aren’t many strategy games like INSIDIA out there,” said Jacopo Musso, Bad Seed CEO. “We managed to marry tactical depth and fast-paced battles to provide our players a quick and thrilling experience.”

Key Features:
  • Simultaneous Turns – During a window of 20 seconds, both players declare their actions to issue an order to one of their Champions. Once complete, the fight unfolds during a resolution phase where the outcome for both players is revealed.
  • Passive Abilities – INSIDIA’s combat system is composed of passive and automatic abilities in additional to player-driven attacks. Champions not chosen in any given turn won’t sit idly by — automated actions for each champion keeps the entire squad fully engaged in combat!
  • Combo Combo Combo! – By carefully weaving together active and passive abilities, players can achieve spectacular combos. In and between turns, Champions join forces to deliver devastating blows with just a few simple clicks by the player!
  • Map Objectives – INSIDIA isn’t a mere deathmatch. Players must capture critical objects in order to destroy an enemy’s defense and lay waste to their base — MOBA enthusiasts will feel right at home. And Champions that take the risk of capturing secondary goals may unlock abilities that can overturn even the most dire situations.
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