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Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Six Years With New Video/Infographic

Guild Wars 2 officially turns six years old today, and to celebrate, ArenaNet posted this new video and infographic to show off how they realized their ambitions for their Living World. Living World is the game’s award-winning, ever-evolving episodic journey through the world of Tyria. The Guild Wars team also talks about how they plan to raise the bar for the final episode of Season 4, and tease the setting of Season 5. 37 episodes have appeared across four seasons, which has doubled the size of the game. In addition, over 120 tracks of new music were added and over 650 achievements have been introduced in Living World.

Each season has brought with it new story content and locations, new PvE instanced raids and Fractal challenges, countless balance patches and improvements to PvP, and even seasonal in-game festivals with unique rewards and events. Most recently, the third episode of Season Four, Long Live the Lich, added the Roller Beetle mount, a speedy dune-hopping companion who is the first mount to debut in a Living World episode.

Guild Wars 2 Sixth Year Anniversary

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