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Gloria Victis Dev Blog Highlights New Updates

Gloria Victis released a new dev blog, where they go over some of the long-awaited new features hitting the game. One of the biggest is Siege Engines, which include catapults and battering rams.  Players can now lob flaming projectiles, and castle sieges become far more intense PVP battles. There are also two new World Events added to the game, with a chance for PVP combat, since they take place in the open world. The first is “Fall of the Exile”, where players are put into a large-scale castle invasion, controlled by an ex-army officer who is now an outlaw. They also expanded on the “Sea Wraiths” event, where players do battle with a band of pirate slavers. The event received a new stage, which brings in new NPCs to battle.

Another new feature in Gloria Victis is Weekly Rankings. There are plenty of new activities to compete with, whether it’s fighting the other factions, getting kills, contributing to guild/faction, or simply gathering resources in the world. Guilds can also now display their Guild Emblems, which are created with the in-game editor on their shields. This is more of a roleplaying thing, but the upcoming update will also let players create their own personal heraldic sigil as well.

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