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EverQuest’s 25th Expansion, ‘The Burning Lands’ Launches Today

Daybreak Games is proud to announce that the 25th expansion for EverQuest has arrived today: The Burning Lands. Norrathians the world over can experience new features and content, such as Expanded Lore. The long-standing peace between the Elemental Plane of Air’s djinn and Plane of Fire’s efreeti is over. Players will be heading back to the Planes to unravel mysteries and try to restore order. A new Luck Stat is also in the game, that will randomly increase the amount of gold in your split, the amount of critical damage you deal, and your chance of success at a trade-skill combine (and that’s just part of it). Six Expansion Zones were also added, as players travel the Planes of Fire, Air, and Smoke.

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