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Everquest SOE Live 2014 Dev Interview

Everquest SOE Live 2014 Dev Interview

Following the 15th anniversary celebration for EverQuest in March, the “Year of EverQuest” celebration continued at SOE Live. SOE announced the first details about the monumental 21st expansion to EverQuest, EverQuest: The Darkened Sea, which pays tribute to the game’s famous expansion from 2007, The Buried Sea.


EIGHT NEW ZONES (2 re-imagined, 6 completely new): Arx Mentis, Caverns of Endless Song, Combine Dredge, Tempest Temple     and Degmar, The Lost Castle


NEW LOOT SYSTEM & MOUNT KEY RINGS: allowing players the power to customize and streamline their looting preferences.

LAUNCH DATE: November 11

More updates and details can be found here:
You can watch the EQ keynote here:

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