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EverQuest Announces Progression Servers and New Content

Saturday, March 16th was the beginning of EverQuest‘s 20th Anniversary Celebration, where they launched new content and two progression servers. Since the initial launch on March 16th, 1999, the high-fantasy MMORPG has released a steady stream of content, with 25 expansions and counting. EverQuest also features 1600+ playable areas, 700+ raid events, 50,000 design scripts and over 3,000,000 lines of code. With that in mind, the new Selo and Mangler Progression servers have launched, and there is also new content in the “Gnome Memorial Mountain”. It’s full of new quests, collections, and so much more to celebrate this anniversary. In addition, there are partnerships and collaborations listed below.

  • Partnerships and Collabs:
  • EverQuest Brew with BattleMage Brewery: Daybreak and local San Diego brewery BattleMage developed a special EverQuest brew, Brell’s Blessed Stout, in celebration of the game’s 20-year milestone. A behind-the-scenes look into the brew creation with soundbites is available here and images from the first tasting with local fans are available here.
  • San Diego Comic-Con Museum – EverQuest Fan Event: Daybreak is collaborating with the museum to hold an EverQuest fan event and interactive exhibit that will be open for one special weekend in April (stay tuned for exact dates). It will include a collection of 20 years of the game’s history and art, miniature live quests, developer chats, and another chance to get a taste of the BattleMage EverQuest brew, Brell’s Blessed Stout.
  • GDC Panel: The Daybreak Games development team will be hosting a panel at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on Thursday, March 21 at 2:00 p.m. entitled ‘Living with a Legacy 2.0 – 20 years of EverQuest.
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