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EVE Pulse – Invasion Expansion Features

EVE Online‘s latest expansion, “Invasion” arrives today, and EVE Pulse is here to give the lowdown on the new features. This includes the escalating Triglavian attacks, the opt-in for the 64bit EVE client and much more. New Eden is plunged into chaos in the first chapter of this story, as the Triglavian invasion has begun. They have begun their offense, and it’s up to the players to meet the threat head-on, doing battle with fleets of enemy ships with escalating consequences (and valuable rewards).

Invasion will provide a new presence and dimension to gameplay in EVE Online, starting with invading Triglavian forces in the form of roaming fleets laying siege to specific star systems in New Eden. These events will escalate, and Capsuleers will directly face off with the Triglavians emerging from Abyssal Deadspace in brand-new sites. They will also have to fight for their territory against the mighty Triglavian World Ark, in a new combat experience.

“EVE has always been about actions having lasting and meaningful consequences, so with EVE Online: Invasion our goal has been to provide a universe-changing event for our community to experience in familiar space,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Capsuleers will be defending their territory from a fearsome new sect. We’re incredibly keen to see our players fighting for the star systems they hold dear against an increasingly serious threat unlike anything they’ve ever faced before!”

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