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Dragon’s Prophet Dev Interview with Senior Producer Todd Carson

Dragon’s Prophet Dev Interview with Senior Producer Todd Carson

Senior Producer for Dragon’s Prophet, Todd Carson gets extremely excited and passionate when talking about all of the new features coming to the game even prior to its launch on September 19th.

At launch, the game will be updated with a ton of new content creating a deeper experience for all players – from n00b to high-level players. In addition to new content, as promised, we will NOT be wiping characters. You will keep your current characters, stats and Dragons. There will be some very exciting changes and additions to Dragon’s Prophet however and here are a few highlights:

Frontier PvP System

Establish alliances with other guilds to increase your strength

Gather resources to fund your protection and defenses

Engage your enemy in mounted combat

Participate in large scale Player vs Player combat

New Adventuring Zone with a level cap increase to level 80

Found in the north-west of Auratia’s Northern Continent, Inartia is a large freezing tundra,
except for the area around the massive volcano Mount Adra.

Players will be able to continue the storyline with new quests and adventure through 3 new
dungeons and a legendary dungeon.

New achievements to be completed for guild progress, tracking of your adventures and new
achievements for taming dragons.

Improvements to dungeon bosses for levels 1 to 60

Each dungeon will be reviewed and updated to include more interesting boss encounters.

Further enhancements to many of the game UI systems

More functionally added to the Guild and Alliance management screens

Easier to understand versions of the Friends, Item Enhancement and Achievement user interfaces

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