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DawnBreak Announces 3rd Sequel With Worldwide PreRegistration

auer Media is proud to announce a third sequel to their DawnBreak franchise, DawnBreak – Ice And Fire -.  It’s available now on Android and iOS, and best of all, it does not require an internet signal. This latest DawnBreak title can be played offline, so players can enjoy the new heroes for free, without being tied to their data. In addition, it also has Joystick support, so mobile phone joysticks/external controllers can be used to play this ARPG. DawnBreak – Ice and Fire – contains more than 100 levels to challenge as well. Three new heroes await in DawnBreak, the Flame Warlock Agate, the Silver Phantom Hilde, and the Ice Crystal Angel Fellin. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses,

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