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C9 Reaperess Class + New Expansion Overview The Ruined Empire

C9 Reaperess Class + New Expansion Overview The Ruined Empire

Galarn the Titan shows us the Reaperess class and new expansion to C9, The Ruined Empire

Reaperesses attack quickly and viciously with their trademark scythe, but they have few evasive skills and have weak defenses.

The new expansion – The Ruined Empire

In the ruined empire you will be facing more powerful monsters and difficult quests.
It will challenge your control and strategies.
The new contents will be waiting on the new continent to be explored.
For you information we have prepared a short guide about the new continent and new contents

Expansion Patch Note:

1. The 4th Continent has been released.
New Stages

– Forsaken Garden
– Knatos Academy
– Knatos Gulag
– Mashian Tombs
– Mournful Ruins
– Occult Temple
– Searab Hatchery
– The Dark Seal

2. The level cap has been raised from 50 to 57.

3. The Reaperess has been released.

4. 4th Continent Hell Mode has been added.

5. Survival Mode for the 4th Continent has been added.

6. Fortune Survival Mode has been added.

7. The skill book system has been added.

8. New event and sales items have been added.

– Karas Gear + Soul Package has been added.
– Renewal Gold Coffer has been added.
– A Starter Package for newcomers has been added.


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