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French studio Ub3rgames have just launched their latest MMORPG, Darkfall: New Dawn. This is a new version of Darkfall Online, and it went live this previous weekend. Player counts are rising, and the servers are holding up nicely. It was originally developed in 2009 by Aventurine (Darkfall Online), it was at the time the only MMORPG with MMOFPS. It featured large-scale combat, a full loot system, and no tab targeting. Though Darkfall Online left us in 2012, it has returned under the name Darkfall: New Dawn, bringing something to veteran and new players alike.

“We always wanted to share this historical moment with our community who supported us for two years, so we were, – and still are – here, on the battlefield 24/7.”  said GM Paul, one of the developers and game masters. In addition, Ub3rgames CEO Marc Thompson says, “Darkfall had such high expectations during the lead up to its original launch, and we feel we can eventually make good on all the promises made back then while correcting the original’s flaws. We’ll start with one of the most unique (sic)conquest games out there, and as time goes on, increase its depth to satisfy all kind of players. Darkfall: New Dawn is about redemption.”

The players were longing for two big features finally introduced in the last patch before launch:

  • The local banking system – allowing for a player-driven economy.

  • The title system – giving the user the ability to choose their own specialization in the forms of perks and skills, offering diversity in a classless game.

These two changes created a real difference and are an improvement over the original game.

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