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Dark Matter Digital CCG Gameplay Preview Trailer Revealed

Dark Matter is an upcoming space opera/cyberpunk-themed CCG, which merges mechanics from RTS, Turn-Based RPGs, as well as traditional CCGs. Dark Matter seeks to have a new take on the “Hero Life” system of CCGs, and also has a “Fate” system which introduces a little bit of uncontrolled chaos to the game. The ultimate goal is still to bring your opponent to 0 life. But your life is tied to your deck. As your hero loses life, cards leave your deck and head to the junkyard. This creates a double-edged sword in card drawing mechanics – every card you draw brings you closer to a loss. Resource generation is also tied to the hero life total. When you generate resources, you move cards from your deck to the active resource pile.

Each card in the game has a “Fate” attribute, and many actions/weapons in the game require you to “draw fate”, in order to calculate damage, restore life, et cetera.¬†When you draw fate, you draw the top card of your deck, and use that “fate attribute”, as the X input which is listed on the card. The reason it’s “controllable randomness”, is because there are many cards which allow you to increase your fate draw values, reduce your opponents draw values, look at the top card of your deck and choose to move it to another zone (just as an example). Dark Matter is scheduled to release on PC and Mac initially and will arrive Q4 2019.

“We were sick of playing games which project the illusion of strategy and depth, when in actuality many of the games are decided by your starting hand, rock paper scissors esque mechanics, or by playing a card which randomly creates god card X which destroys your opponent. Dark Matter has none of those things”, said Jason Ayre, Dark Matter’s lead game designer. “For instance, starting hand RNG is largely defeated by the resource system. – Since when you generate resources, you can draw cards up to the number of resources you have generated, but you are also losing life and active resources when you do so, the game has a very natural way of balancing itself out and allows for recovery from bad RNG starts, as you’re not limited to drawing 1 card per turn.”

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