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Cuisine Royale Launches ‘Seasons of Grande Cuisine’

Darkflow and Gaijin Entertainment launched a new Cuisine Royale campaign entitled “The Seasons of Grande Cuisine”. Though Cuisine Royale players already learned to use kitchenware for battle, it’s time to learn cooking instead. The first season will be devoted to Italy, but aspiring chefs won’t be cooking pasta or ravioli. They will be cooking something more deliciously unusual.

  • Fancy pizza pants;

  • Mafia suits;

  • Venetian masks;

  • Provocative graffiti;

  • Antique gravestones and many more.

To cook these “dishes”, players need particular ingredients. There are Basic Ingredients (Enemies Tears, Intimidated Critics Reviews), Specific Kitchenware (Meat Grinder), and a portion of the recipes also require a premium ingredient. For the Italian Season, this is the “Godfather’s Cookbook” which can be purchased in the in-game shop. Recipes create ornamental and decorative items. At the conclusion of a season, players can keep the items or sell them on the market to other players for Gaijin Coins (GJN). Earned coins can be spent on the premium ingredient in a future Season or purchases in other games of Gaijin. With this also comes a personal camera-man for everyone. In games where first/third person view are available, the latter gives an advantage. This can help a player sight an opponent from behind an obstacle, while the opponent isn’t aware. If you notice a small helicopter or butterfly appear from nowhere, you’re definitely being watched.

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