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Crusaders Quest’s Season 2 Episode 2 Arrives Today

The Kalard Chronicles continue today in Crusaders Quest, with Episode 2, “Temple of Illusions”. Crusaders Quest is closing out the year with a major content update, where they control Ellie, the heroine of the Kalard Chronicles. A level cap increase on accounts also arrives (100), and the Hero Inheritance level (25). Ellie herself will also have her hands full with the new Challenge Mode, “Fallen Temple of Illusions”. The story continues from the latest raid update, “Guardian of the Ruins,” where Archaeologist Lorelei continues the excavation of the Temple of Illusions, asking for assistance from Ellie and the player. The team quickly rediscover the entrance to find foes stronger than they have ever faced before. Within the Challenge Mode Dungeon, players can obtain the never-before-seen, unrivaled-in-power 2-Star Sigils as well.

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