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Eldevin Desktop Client Released

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Patch 1.16 for Eldevin has arrived, bringing new content, new systems and most importantly, the long-awaited Desktop Client for the game.

Previously Eldevin was only playable in-browser, but now players can experience the game in a way they haven’t been able to before now. The client also lays down some preparatory work for the hardware rendering engine, which will bring better graphics, a huge increase in framerate and improved overall performance. We expect to release the hardware renderer in a few weeks’ time, and it will in turn pave the way for Eldevin launching on Steam.

Along with the Desktop Client, Patch 1.16 also adds a Story Mode version to two of the game’s dungeons, giving players the option to enter a rebalanced version of the dungeon which can be completed solo and offering retuned loot appropriate to their level and challenge. We’ve already received good feedback about the Story Mode dungeons, and we plan to rework every dungeon in the game to offer a Story Mode version.

We’re also teasing some details about Patch 1.17, which is scheduled for next week, and will add mounts to the game. Players will be able to obtain mounts from a variety of places, both in-game and through the Eldevin store. We’ll be confirming exact details on these next week.

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