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Rusty Hearts introduces Leila Vergerius

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Rusty Hearts has introduced a new, free premium character: Leila Vergerius.

This new female character is considered premium, but is free to obtain by connecting your Perfect World account to Facebook. Doing so will allow you to select the reward package with Leila for Rusty Hearts. The Facebook Connect page allows players to come back daily to claim new rewards. Leila is a bonus avatar for Frantz.

Perfect World Entertainment also publishes Forsaken World and Blacklight Retribution.

Rusty Hearts: Leila Vergerius Introduction


Since the release of Rusty Hearts we’ve seen a couple new characters, Natasha, Meilin, Roselle, Edgar, but today we’re officially announcing our latest character, Leila Vergerius. Just like the other characters, Leila is considered a premium character, but unlike them she will be free!

For the first time ever, we’re releasing a premium avatar at the low price of FREE. Getting Leila Vergerius is as simple as connecting your Perfect World account to Facebook and selecting your Leila reward package. Connecting your Facebook account is easy and secure; additionally, you’ll be eligible for new rewards every day. While you can only claim one Facebook Connect reward, you can repeat the steps daily for a new reward. Want 3 Leilas? Simply visit the Facebook Connect page each day and select your new Leila as many times as you would like (or can). It’s important to remember you can only receive a Facebook Connect reward once daily, if you mistakenly select a buff you will have to wait 24 hours to select Leila.

Once you have completed the Facebook Connect authentication and selected your Reward/Character/Server your reward will be mailed to the character you inserted. After accepting the Leila package and naming her she will be listed as a bonus avatar above Frantz in the character select screen.

Connecting your account has a variety of benefits beyond getting a free Leila Vergerius. You can visit the Connect page for additional daily buff scrolls. Connecting your account will also keep you up to date on all the latest news, giveaways and rewards coming your way.

After getting your free Leila feel free to suit up and deck her out with the Black Floral Dress package available in the Rusty Hearts cash shop. Don’t blend in with the crowd, flex your style and help Leila stand out from the crowd.

Leila’s new moves and costumes are perfect way to continue your Rusty Hearts journey. Get your free Leila Vergerius by heading to our Facebook Connect page and connecting your account today!

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