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Previously, Leviathans, the biggest tanks in Crossout were only available as boss-level enemies in PVE missions. It would take a group of players working as a team to tackle the AI-controlled Leviathan. More than 100,000 Leviathans have already been constructed by players since the launch of the Open Beta and in ‘Clan Wars: Leviathans’, two player-controlled Leviathans can finally do battle. This mode will feature 4v4 team battles between Clan players, with each captain bringing a custom Leviathan and the other team members having regular vehicles. The Leviathan will be constructed from the ground up using individual parts, and feature different weapons, armor and support systems like shield generators, drones and so much more. However, with their sheer size, they can carry much more of everything compared to ordinary vehicles. Captains can match their Leviathan layout perfectly with the strategy of their team. This new Clan Wars mode will be ranked, with the top 30 clans each week being rewarded generously with Uranium, which can be used to craft rare weapons or sold for great profit.

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