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Armored Warfare Brings ‘Caribbean Crisis’ to Playstation 4 Today

The first major update to the Playstation 4 version of Armored Warfare releases today in the form of ‘Caribbean Crisis’. In addition to a host of improvements and updates, it also brings a special game mode called ‘Special Operations’. This mode consists of challenging PVE missions that connect a compelling overarching narrative within a set of landscapes including the Mojave Desert, the Panama Canal, and Jamaica in the year 2042. The three new story-driven co-operative missions will give players the opportunity to discover a story of betrayal and vengeance and to participate in events that will shake the world of Armored Warfare to its very core. Embark upon a quest to protect the world against ruthless enemies!

Other features introduced with Armored Warfare – Caribbean Crisis for PS4:

  • New Maps and Overhauls: With Narrows and Waterway two completely new maps are added to the Global Operations mode. Additionally, the three PvE maps Operation RicochetHydra and Perseus have been improved and overhauled.
  • New Commander system: The update introduces a new commander system.  The commanders now have 15 ranks instead of the previous 5 levels and each in-game rank name corresponds to a real military rank now. Rank 11 or higher is only unlockable for any commander if the player owns a second commander of the previous rank and so on. Every level provides the commander with one specific skill that can be unlocked from a newly-designed skill field.
  • New Trophies to Be Unlocked: Two new special trophies have been created especially for Caribbean Crisis. “The definition of insanity” and “You even shoot?”. Those new trophies are not easy to obtain and will test the limits of players skills!
  • Visual Changes: The game’s visual quality has been improved by introducing a new render system as well as high quality textures to all vehicles. Additionally, the Garage has been overhauled. Armored Warfare has never looked so good before!
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