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Blazing Core’s Open Beta Starts in September

Octobox Interactive, developers of Blazing Core – Knights of the Future announced it will be entering Open Beta. Following a successful Alpha, the Open Beta will begin on September  7th, 2018. Blazing Core has players taking on the role of Mecha, taking part in tactical 3v3 battles as tradition and futurism merge. Giant robotic knights clash in battle, with their own set of skills and personalities. Using these abilities at the right time and combining them with the team’s powers is a key to success, and each decision matters. The game features extensive customization options and, as players progress, new weapons and upgrades will be unlocked for their Mech to gain further advantage in each skirmish. Two game modes will be available in the Beta: a series of rounds to capture the enemy base by destroying opposing Mechs as well as a capture and protect mode.

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