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Billion Lords Begins Open Beta Testing on Android

Billion Lords is a Tower Defense for mobile from Auer Entertainment, and there are a billion evils in the Evil Dungeon, and only one star shining in the darkness. The Lord of Evil was backstabbed by the God of Light in the last dynasty, and this has led to chaos in the Evil Dungeon. Users will take the role of evil lords, build their own army and do what they can to become the overlord of the Evil Dungeon. There are a billion other lords trying for your spot, so you must be careful. Take your gold from other lords, and speed up reconstruction via attacking other players’ dungeons, taking their resources, and show them who’s the boss. Evil Lords will also need to breed an army, and a variety of creatures await, from the Flameander, Furricane, and Sharpie. It will be up to you to create a unique maze, riddled with traps to stop others from defeating you, and use third-person perspective to oversee your Generals and make sure they aren’t slacking. Billion Lords is available for testing at this link and can be pre-ordered for the iOS devices here.

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