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Astellia Online Reveals Enhancement System in Recent Blog

Astellia Online released a new blog that goes over one of the important systems in the game: The Enhancement System. Players that have gear that they can’t use, or is obsolete, can instead be dismantled. This permanently destroys the gear but instead gives Enhancement Stones, which are critical for the growth of gear as a whole. These stones come in various types (Armor, Weapons, Accessory), and are used in the Enhancement Window. If a piece of gear is below level 50, it cannot be upgraded past +6. At that point, you will need to evolve your gear. Evolving gear takes it to the next level bracket. For example, a level 26 weapon may evolve into a level 33 weapon.

These evolution levels are static and do not vary based on rarity. If you evolve a piece of gear and it is higher than your character’s level, you will not be able to re-equip it until you are the appropriate level. Evolution also resets the item’s Enhancement level. Should you evolve your gear to level 50, you will now have a maximum of 10 Enhancement levels, however, there are more challenges. After +3, you can experience failure. Some failures leave the item unchanged but consume the Asper and Enhancement Stones. You could also decrease the item level by one (and consume the materials). The worst failure consumes the materials and lowers the level by several points, instead of one. Further information can be found in the blog below.

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