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Armored Warfare – Dev Interview + Behind the Scenes

DizzyPW & JamesBl0nde visit Obsidian Entertainment development studios to see what its like behind the development process on Armored Warfare! There are about 300 developers in the Obsidian Entertainment studio and most of them are building every aspect of the game from the ground up! DizzyPW interviews the lead systems designer and art director about some of the new features coming to the game very soon and I get to see the developers actually working on the latest patch!
About Armored Warfare:
Armored Warfare is a massively multiplayer online tactical modern military video game being developed by Obsidian Entertainment as a free-to-compete experience for PCs. Controlling the power of modern fighting vehicles and heavy military weaponry in Armored Warfare, players battle across cooperative campaigns and team-based matches…. learn more at the game profile HERE!

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