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Zombies Monsters Robots: Steel Corps Expansion Now Available

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En Masse Entertainment announces giant mechs are invading Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) with the launch of the “Steel Corps” update. Players can pilot mechanical powersuits to tear into opponents with the heaviest weapons on the battlefield in Team Mech Match modes. This powerful new PvP mode is accompanied by a whopping nine new maps for both PvP and PvE play, all catering to the community of PC players enjoying this intense, over-the-top third person shooter.

The new ZMR mechs, which come in Light, Medium, and Heavy classes, have been retro-engineered from the mechanical powersuits players have piloted in PvE maps. Each class includes two base models and two Limited Edition variants with explosive firepower and sweet paint jobs! Light Mechs are fast, lightly-armored, close-range powersuits, while Medium Mechs are all-purpose killing machines with solid armor and serious firepower. For players focused on raw power than mobility, Heavy Mechs are armored war machines built to withstand concentrated damage while raining destruction down on the battlefield. Whichever class is chosen, players can lay some mech-based smackdown in team battles for mechanized supremacy!

The update’s nine new maps span levels designed for mechs, new PvE battlegrounds, and PvP maps. From the port-based “Pier Pressure” to “Chopping Mall”, a map that is sure to bring a whole new meaning to Black Friday shopping mayhem, there’s something new for every player in “Steel Corps”.

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