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Zenobian: New browser-based strategy game on GameXP Connect

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Zenobian is a browser-based online strategy game presented by Gala Lab, a studio already known to millions of Russian gamers as developer of extremely popular MMORPG Rappelz. The title seamlessly combines RTS, RPG and TSG gameplay all under one roof making a user leap between distinctively different types of activity. Players here need to explore new lands and expand their domains, build their own states and raise their armies. But unlike common RTS games, in the world of Zenobia they also face challenges in perilous dungeons, learn skills in the Academy and summon monsters or characters with special cards to aid them in battles. 6 continents, 180 dungeons with hundreds of secrets and up to 20 heroes under one user’s command — despite its browser-based design, Zenobian is packed with enough entertaining content to make even the most fast-going players stay here for long.

“There is nothing new about multigenre games to our industry, yet creating a sound hybrid still presents a challenge even for the most prominent teams. Zenobian is a good example of this challenge successfully completed,” says NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko. “Gala Lab’s being an overseas publisher of the game is in itself a mark of quality for us.”

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