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World of Speed Exclusive Screens June 26th

MMOHuts Default Image 604x339

By far one of the top titles we came across at E3 this year was’s World of Speed. At last a free to play racing game built from the ground up to incorporate all the addictive elements of an MMORPG into the solid visuals and real world vehicles that have made the racing genre so popular on the console. And as a special bonus follow up coverage we snagged 5 more awesome wallpapers of actual gameplay to show the extreme level of detail the designers are going into to make World of Speed the prettiest free racing game on the market today.

Orion 2014-05-22 16-38-07-10 Orion 2014-05-23 17-25-10-43 Orion 2014-05-29 14-47-35-76 Orion 2014-05-29 19-06-25-38 Orion 2014-06-03 17-44-14-44

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